HOW TO: Draft a Social Media Policy

Includes a Customizable Social Media Policy Template

Self-Paced, Online Course

Learn to customize a sample social media policy by the author of policies used at Edison, the USMC and many other risk averse organizations.

Social media policies and social media guidelines have become an essential component of social media marketing strategy.  Are you ready to learn how to draft social media policies that comply with the latest NLRB guidance?

Learn how to draft a fair, responsible social networking policy that encourages personnel to share the organization’s news and information online without getting into trouble.

  • 60 minutes of essential social media policy development training
  • Nearly 2 hours of supplemental social media policy development training
  • Sample social media policy

Learn to provide everyone in your organization with clear-cut, easy-to-follow social media guidelines to help them distinguish between conversations that can happen on social networks, and conversations that need to be kept to person-to-person channels.

Social media has become an integral part of our personal lives. Unless you take the time to specify how (not if) employees can use social media at work, you risk alienating the best and brightest candidates. Includes an editable version of the original social media policy template by Eric Schwartzman.

Social Media Policy Development includes:

  • Capitalize on social marketing opportunities
  • Attract and retain top-notch personnel
  • Thwart obsolescence
  • Social media policy development strategies
  • National Labor Relations Board Guidance on Social Media Policies
  • Business case for corporate social media policies
  • Policy statements, objectives, guiding principles and disclaimers
  • Accommodating for legal matters and security risks
  • Integration with existing corporate policies
  • Building a policy stakeholder coalition
  • Sequencing drafts for review
  • Policing social media policies
  • Disclosure and transparency guidelines, sample disclaimers
  • And much, much more