Online Social Media Monitoring Course

Social Media Monitoring for Business

Master free social monitoring tools to conduct Facebook monitoring, Twitter monitoring and more.

Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Craigslist, Blogs, Forums and News using 100% free social media monitoring tools and services.

You’ll learn:

  • Key concepts and techniques for monitoring with keyword phrases
  • How to validate the right keyword phrases to monitor
  • Google Related Searches, Google More Like This and Google Trends for Search
  • How to find online influencers and build influencer lists
  • How to curate content from your social media monitoring dashboard
  • How to share your social media monitoring dashboard with others
  • Introduction to social media analytics
  • The Future of Social Media Monitoring
  • Shortcomings of Rich Text Analytics
  • How to use Feedly, Netvibes, Recorded Future, Radian6 and Traack
  • And much, much more
Lesson Runtime
Overview 2:33
Keyword Filtering 2:37
Boolean Filtering 2:18
Research Conversations 4:56
Google Related Search & Trends 3:07
Keyword Modifiers 2:36
Monitoring With RSS 4:19
Social Media Monitoring Platforms 3:08
Feedly: Launch an Account and Monitor News 6:14
Feedly: Monitor Blogs, Podcasts and Topics 9:20
Feedly: Tweaking the Look and Feel 6:29
Feedly: Sharing to Social Networks 5:24
Feedly: Follow Buttons 4:23
Feedly: Mobile App 5:55
Netvibes: Account Set-Up 5:33
Netvibes: Adjusting the Look of Tabs and Widgets 4:32
Netvibes: Adding Widgets to Blank Tabs 5:39
Netvibes: Category Widgets and RSS Feeds 3:09
Netvibes: Sharing to Social Networks 6:43
Netvibes: Mobile Web Access 5:01
Netvibes Premium: Analytics 9:07
Netvibes Premium: Importing and Comparing Data 6:08
Netvibes Premium: Custom Dashboards 6:47
Recorded Future: Intro to Predictive Analytics 6:25
Recorded Future: Analyzing Regional Risks 6:56
Recorded Future: Accessing Shared Visualizations 6:12
Recorded Future: Annotating and Sharing Reports 9:37
Radian6: Topic Profiles 8:16
Radian6: Finding Conversations and Influencers 5:41
Radian6: Third-Party Filters 1:12
Radian6: Engagement Console 2:40
Radian6: Mobile App 4:06
Traackr: Engineering Tipping Points 5:45
Traackr: Finding, Following and Engaging Influencers 6:45
Traackr: Custom Influencers List 8:52
Traackr: Analysis and Reporting 6:08
Total Runtime 1:38:28


If you’d like social media training courses on specific social networks, check out our Online Social Media Bootcamp. This course focuses specifically on social media monitoring.