Social Media Compliance Training

Social Media Course for Employees

Get Certified in Social Media Risk and Compliance

Certify employees to minimize social media risk at work in this SCORM-compliant overview of how to use social media safely and securely. Accessible via desktop or mobile.

You’ll learn:

  • The risks of posting on personal vs. company social networking profiles
  • Free speech rights and what employers can prohibit employees from saying online
  • What type of information should be confidential, what’s okay to share and how to tell the difference
  • Responsible on-duty vs. off-duty social networking conduct
  • Your personal privacy rights at work and the rights employers have to monitor how their employees use social media
  • Issues that could impact your physical security and safety, or the security and safety of your data
  • How not to infringe on the rights of Copyright and Intellectual Property owners
  • How the FTC Disclosure Guidelines apply to employees who use social media for work
  • And much, much more
Lesson Runtime
Overview 2:48
Introduction 1:59
Personal vs. Company Accounts 2:22
No Free Speech at Work 3:05
Confidentiality 2:14
Public vs. Private Information 3:00
Computer Fraud & Abuse Act 1:24
Legal Rights to Discuss Wages, Hours & Working Conditions 2:40
On Duty vs. Off Duty Conduct 1:11
Your Right to Privacy at Work 3:17
Physical Safety and Mobile Security 4:18
Safety and Security of Data 3:04
Copyright and Intellectual Property 4:13
Who is Responsible When There’s a Problem 5:29
Conclusion 0:54
Total Runtime 41:58










































In the industrial age, organizations media trained their CEOs. Today, they’re social media compliance training their entire workforce.

The social media compliance training overview presented in this course is designed primarily for US-based individuals, employees and employers.