Online Social Media Policy Training and Literacy Training

Expert-led social media policy training and social media literacy training online.

Social Media Course Bundles

Social Media Bootcamp
(6 Courses)
Social Media Management
Blog Training
SEO Training
Facebook Training
Twitter Training
Linkedin Training
Effective Social Media Marketing Training – Advanced
(3 Courses)
Social Media Monitoring
Social Media for Events
Selling Social Marketing Services
Social Media Employee Training -
Risk and Compliance
(4 Courses)
Social Media Compliance Training
Social Media Disclosure Training
Social Media Ethics Training
Social Media Privacy Training
Social Media Security Training
(3 Courses)
Social Media and Intellectual Property
Social Media Security Training
Social Media Mobile Security Training
Social Media Training -
Managers and Employers
(2 Courses)
Social Media and Privacy for Employers
Social Media Policy Development

Protect your company, product or brand by making sure your employees are equipped to respond publicly to inbound queries on social networks. Accelerate your digital literacy with online social media training from the instructor behind the longest-running, top-rated corporate social media training programs.

Eric Schwartzman is one of the most experienced and respected social media trainers in the world. Read what others have to say about his social media training courses.