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About Us

Comply Socially helps organizations manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunity of social media at work through expert-led, live and cloud-based social media literacy and compliance performance management solutions.

Comply Socially provides SCORM compliant social media literacy and compliance training, assessment and certification programs via a custom-configured, branded, learning management system that is accessible via desktop or mobile. Clients can also license and serve access to Comply Socially trainings assessments through their own LMS.

Comply Socially maintains continuously updated courseware to ensure employees have access to the timely information they need to leverage social media responsibly and effectively in the work place.  We provide a scalable solution for teaching individuals to use social media effectively, while safeguarding organizations against the many legal, regulatory and competitive threats that recorded, public communications pose.

Comply Socially courseware gives employers an easy-to-implement, off-the-shelf solution with the insight and clarity employees need to make smart decisions autonomously about what’s okay to discuss and what’s too risky in an environment where the boundaries between personal and professional are often blurred.

Recent regulatory trends suggest social media compliance training could become as common as sexual harassment training is today.  Rulings by the NLRB have overturned employee terminations over social media usage, calling social media policies of several large companies unlawful.

Managing Risk at the Expense of Productivity
Leaving employees hamstrung by obsolete, arcane legacy systems manages risk at the expense of worker productivity. Increasingly, employees are leveraging the value of social media in the workplace to stay current on industry trends, plan, collaborate, research, build consensus, qualify vendors and other job tasks. Comply Socially helps organizations enable their employees to use state-of-the-art social communication technology to more effectively and efficiently achieve their objectives.

When used responsibly, social media enables individuals and organizations to do more with less.  Comply Socially gives employers a solution for managing risk with out sacrificing social media opportunity.

Social Media Boot Camp by Eric Schwartzman at US Pacific Command

Photo: Comply Socially founder and CEO Eric Schwartzman (front center) leads social media training exercises with US Pacific Command at Camp H.M. Smith in Honolulu, Hawaii.